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Thank you for all the support, encouragement and funds to make our Overnight Walk a success for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention! After this Overnight Walk experience I have no doubt many lives will be saved and so many people given hope and resources who are affected by suicide. Unfortunately, it takes days like today when someone famous like Kate Spade takes their own life that the public's attention turns to the importance of this foundation. It was a grueling 17 miles with Saturday being the hottest day of the year. My daughter said I looked like I had already walked 17 miles before we started! It was moving to see San Francisco 49er Solomon Thomas of Coppell; the 3rd pick in the 2017 NFL Draft walking all night in memory of his sister who committed suicide just 4 months ago. Thank you to those who came out Saturday night to support and encourage us. Because of everyone's generosity I was the event's 50th highest fundraiser out of 1,541 participants. Our little 2-person team ranked 52nd out of the 338 teams in fundraising. I'm confident AFSP can achieve their bold goal to reduce the suicide rate by 20% before the year 2025!

Koy and Reese Roberts

June 5, 2018