child, adolescent & family psychology

Dr. Roberts offers a full range of professional and compassionate services that includes counseling and psychological assessment.  He also offers secure, convenient video counseling via FaceTime, Skype and other platforms.  ADD/ADHD testing and educational testing for learning disabilities is also available.

Play Therapy and Childhood Counseling

Building self-esteem, self-confidence, social skills, and emotional, academic, and behavioral success through interactive play therapy processes. Counseling targeted at the unique social, emotional, intellecutual, and developmental needs of each child.

Teen Counseling

Counseling targeted at the concerns of today's teens - self-esteem, peer pressure, school, identity confusion, popularity, sexuality, dating, parents, siblings, alcohol, and drugs. Building confidence, maturity, social skills, and effective decision-making skills needed to thrive.

Individual, Couples & Family Counseling

Counseling solutions targeted at you and your family's life goals such as developing and maintaining successful relationships, enhancing school or career success, parent effectiveness, enhancing and deepening your spiritual faith, and removing roadblocks such as depression, anxiety, stress and other debilitating emotions or circumstances that keeps you and your family from having the lives you dream about.

Secure, Convenient Video Counseling

Comprehensive ADD/ADHD Assessment

Comprehensive Educational/Learning Disability Assessment

Parent Effectiveness Counseling

Christian Counseling Solutions